David Orrell

David Orrell. Writer and Mathematician

The Other Side of the Coin:
The Emerging Vision Of Economics
And Our Place In The World

» Edmonton Journal top-ten bestseller

Publisher: Key Porter (Canada)

Publisher's synopsis

Economics is in the middle of a revolution. Neoclassical economics - the type most taught and practiced today - was based on the science of the nineteenth century, and is beginning to show its age. A new economic theory, or theories, are now being fashioned, inspired by sciences such as complexity, fractals, and network theory. Most of these ideas first developed in the 1960s, but are only now filtering through to the world of money and finance. The Other Side of the Coin finds new and surprising connections between these disparate fields, and shows that each forms a separate strand in a larger pattern, which is slowly inverting our ideas about money, value, and the purpose of society. A mix of history, science, mythology, and personal anecdote, it will change the way you see the economy and our place in the world.


“[A] bold and timely manifesto ... Orrell analyzes the mysterious mechanics of a system that involves us all, and describes a positive alternative. Readers with an interest in world affairs, and the sign posts of hope, will add The Other Side of the Coin to their must-read lists."
Quill & Quire
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“This book is an important look at where the neoclassicists go wrong, and an accessible primer on modern alternative economic theories."
The Walrus
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“[A] well-crafted and thoughtful work ... incorporates a breathtaking range of subjects that link together mathematics, science, the arts and economics.” Winnipeg Free Press

“This is an important book, not least for the fact that it may stimulate discussion about what really works and what doesn't in an unregulated economy ... Focusing on mathematical concepts leads us from tired cliches of right- and left-wing agendas that limit such debates."
Edmonton Journal
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“The Other Side of the Coin is making the case for complexity to a discipline that desperately needs it."
Ottawa Xpress
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“Orrell's look to the global economy‚Äôs future is insightful and comprehensive." Calgary Inc. Magazine.

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