David Orrell

David Orrell. Writer and Mathematician


I am a native of Edmonton, Canada, and studied mathematics at the University of Alberta. After several years working on the design of particle accelerator projects in the US, UK, France, and Canada, I returned to study mathematics at Oxford University. The topic of my doctoral thesis was predictability of nonlinear systems, with applications to weather forecasting. This research formed the basis for my first book, Apollo's Arrow.

I have since worked at University College London, the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, and the Oxford-based company Physiomics. Software inventions include the Physiomics Virtual Tumour which is used to predict the effect of anti-cancer treatments on growing tumours.

I currently run a mathematical consultancy, and write books and research articles on science and economics. I also give talks and workshop presentations on topics related to my books.

Finalist: Canadian Science Writers' Association award, for Apollo's Arrow (2007)
Finalist: National Business Book Award, for Economyths (2011)
Finalist: Canadian Science Writers' Association award, for Truth or Beauty (2012)

Systems Forecasting, Principal
Centre for Quantum Social and Cognitive Science, Council member
Quantum Economics and Finance, Editor

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