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David Orrell. Writer and Mathematician

Money, Magic, and How to Dismantle a Financial Bomb: Quantum Economics for the Real World



Money Magic


Publishers: Icon Books (World English), China Science and Technology Press (China)

Publisher's synopsis

Money has many apparently magical properties. It can be created out of the void - and vanish without so much as a puff of smoke. It can flash through space. It can grow without limit. And it can blow up without warning.

David Orrell argues that the emerging discipline of quantum economics, of which he is at the forefront, is the key to shattering the illusions that prevent us from understanding money's true nature.

In this colourful tour of the history, philosophy and mathematics of money, Orrell demonstrates how everything makes much more sense when we replace our classical economic models with ones based on quantum probability - and reveals the explosive reality of what is left once the illusions are stripped away.

“Orrell argues that modelling markets with the mathematical toolbox of quantum mechanics could lead to a better understanding of them ... Such ideas may still sound abstract. But they will soon be physically embodied on trading floors ... One way or another, finance will catch up.” The Economist

“[An] impressive, intelligent and imaginative bomb of a book ... [it] entertains, educates and delights ... A highly recommended read for all connoisseurs of curiosity and hope. And an absolute must-read for would-be economists.” Chris A. Weitz, Gaiageld.com

“This is a super addition to the literature on the quantum approach towards money, its cyber-version, and how it will change our lives. David Orrell has pulled together different thinking and approaches to guide us through the maze of magic money.” Andrew Sheng, former central banker and financial regulator, and distinguished fellow at the Asia Global Institute, University of Hong Kong

“David is our go-to source for anything and everything about quantum finance and economics. He's at the forefront of the subject and, what's more, he can explain it well.” Paul Wilmott, Editor-in-Chief, Wilmott magazine

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