David Orrell

David Orrell. Writer and Mathematician

Le Crépuscule de l'Homo Economicus
(The Twilight of Homo Economicus)

» Kosmas Books top-ten bestseller (Czech Republic)

» Handelsblatt top-ten business bestseller (Germany)

» Spiegel business bestseller (Germany)

» Over 25,000 copies sold

Publishers: 65th Square (Czech Republic), Exils (France), Studio Emka (Poland), Hanser (Germany), Herder (Audiobook Germany)

By Roman Chlupatý, David Orrell, and Tomáš Sedláček. Compact book based on a 2011 discussion with the Czech economist Tomáš Sedláček (named one of the “five hot minds in economics” by Yale Economic Review), and journalist Roman Chlupatý.

“Highly original ... intellectually stimulating.” Le Monde (France)

“A sparkling little book.” Les Echos (France)

“Sedláček and Orrell are unsettling and funny at the same time ... The co-authors torpedo the very basics of mainstream economics and its seemingly exact methods ... How many interviews are there where interviewees just deliver prefabricated answers. This one lights a fire of an unexpected strength. Ideas are created as they speak. What a precious moment!” Hospodářské noviny (Czech Republic)

“Contains more fresh and important thoughts than many a [longer] book.” Obserwator Finansowy (Poland)

“The record of their conversation, in which even the most difficult issues of economics, physics, mathematics, biology, philosophy, and other disciplines are dealt with in a straightforward, accessible to everyone and at the same time humorous way, is a real treat intellectually, but also ... entertaining. Guidance contained in the book will be useful to any manager.” CIO magazine (Poland)

“Recommended ... for credit counselors, financial analysts and brokers - if they will get used to conducting such conversations over a beer, we will be saved.” Kultura Liberalna (Poland)

“The noisy Beppe Grillo in Italy shrinks to a harmless, ridiculous pinocchio when compared with two low-key philosophers presenting a highly topical critique of civilization.” Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden)

“The reader has the sense of being a silent guest at a smart table talk in which earth-shattering things are discussed.” Die Welt (Germany)

“It's entertaining but instructive to follow the two thinkers, as they unmask many of the common assumptions of the economic world.” Gesine Brown, Harvard Business Manager (Germany)

“Entertaining and easy to read.” Markus Ziener, Handelsblatt (Germany)