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Quantum Economics and Finance: An Applied Mathematics Introduction



Quantum Economics and Finance


Publishers: Panda Ohana (World English), Acorn (Korean)

Publisher's synopsis

The word "quantum" is from the Latin for "how much" and in this book mathematician David Orrell shows how it applies to the world of economic transactions. Written in clear and accessible language, the book covers the essential mathematics behind topics including quantum cognition, option pricing, and quantum game theory, and delves into the nuts and bolts of quantum mechanics, the principles of quantum economic modelling, and the basics of quantum computer logic. On the way the reader will learn how quantum interference can be used to model cognitive dissonance, how a quantum walk goes further than a random walk, and how financial entanglement explains the rate of mortgage default. It is aimed at anyone who wants to understand the quantum ideas working their way into economics and finance, without getting drowned in wave equations.

As interest in quantum computing grows, many companies from established banks to startups are looking at ways to perform financial simulations using quantum algorithms. But what if we should be using quantum models anyway - because the monetary system has quantum properties of its own, and because they work?

“Written with a high level of clarity, this book is a great introduction to the currently developing new field, taking the reader beyond the standard archaic econometric thinking.” Jack Sarkissian, Managing Partner, Algostox Trading

“If you are looking to learn more about quantum theory applied to finance, we highly recommend reading David Orrell's book: Quantum Economics and Finance: An Applied Mathematics Introduction.” Quantum News

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